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My Dream Home

Has seen better days

This isn't really my dream home.
But at times in my life I felt like that was what my home looked like.
Until I rededicated my life to the Lord.
Now my dream home is Heaven.

As a little girl all I ever dreamed of was having a home and babies.
I was blessed with both and more.
I have two children and seven grandchildren.
A husband that has stood by me through all our ups and downs.
The Lord answered a little girls dreams.
When people see our house they may see an old run down farm house.
But I see the answer to a dream and a house full of memories.

Thank You Lord!

Just a note about the picture.
It's an old smoke house.
My husbands grandparents would smoke their meat in it.
There was a cellar under it where other items were stored for further use.
There was an old chicken house close by that was one day used as a home.
My husband lived in it as a baby. So you see a home truly is;
"Where the Heart Is".

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