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My Father-in-law was a bass singer for a quartet.

This was one of the songs he loved to sing.

If you find the music that goes with these words please email me.

Questions? Email me!

Search Me Lord


Search me Lord, Search me Lord.
Just shine the light from heaven on my soul, on my soul.
Well if you find anything that shouldn't be,
Take it out and straighten me.
I wanta be right, I wanta be safe, I wanta be whole.

Verse 1

You know when I'm right,
Lord you know when I'm wrong.
You know where I go,
Lord you know where I belong.
You know all I do,
Lord you know my secrets too.
Lord search me, touch me, cleanse me through & through.


Verse 2

You know all my thoughts, Every word and deed.
Lord you know my wants, You know my every need.
Maybe somethings there that I am not aware.
So take it, move it, Keep me in your care.


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