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Spring Brings

New Life

      It's spring and things are coming to life again. On a farm it's very noticeable when spring begins. The daffodils are blooming, puppies are running around, cows are calving, grass is greener, the garden is being tilled, things are looking new again. Easter is coming soon and that's why I've had the words new life and lambs on my mind.

      When we first got our computer I was trying to think of a catchy name for our e-mail that would stand for both me and my husband. As it turns out our initials spell LAMB. I really liked that because it also makes me think of my Savior. Words that come to mind when I think of a lamb are: innocent, pure, gentle, meek, sacrificed, Easter, new life.

      I learned to knit about 30 yrs. ago. A neighbor gave me some yarn one year for Christmas. It was hand spun and rather lumpy looking. It didn't look perfect like the store bought yarn. But , you know, it made up into a lovely cap and none of the flaws in the spinning seemed to matter. I feel liked that handspun yarn looked, rough and flawed in appearance, but with the Shepherd leading me one day I'll be a beautiful finished product with my flaws gone.

      If you happen to be a knitter, think about the Lamb and the Shepherd with each stitch you take. If you can't knit but wear items made of yarn, think of the Lamb and the Shepherd. He's there to comfort and protect you.

      This Easter I'm going to find me a little lamb to use as a centerpiece for Sunday dinners this spring. It will be my reminder of the Lamb who became my Shepherd.

      I pray you start a new life before you leave this page.

God's Gift To Me

The love that I have, was God's gift to me.
A love so great it would set me free.

The love that I have, fills my very soul.
His love is what makes me whole.

The love that I have, was there from the start,
For God planted it deep in my heart.

The love that I have, grows more each day,
His gift to me to give away.

The love that I have, I can not keep,
I give a piece to each one I meet.

The love that I have, will grow more and more,
So I can better serve my Lord.

The love that I have, I must not waste,
I never want it to turn to hate.

The love that I have, I must protect,
For Satan will try to destroy it.

The love that I have, was bought with blood,
He chose to shed it...because he loved.

Easter Eve 2001

Dear Lord,

      I thank you for the love you gave me. I thank you for guiding my steps to this point in my life. I know I'm not worthy of such a great love. But I'm thankful you loved me while I was still a sinner and that you sent me the gift of salvation and everlasting life. Your Son laid down his life for me. And for that love I am truly grateful.

                          Your loving daughter

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