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Jesus Loves You!

Hi, Welcome to Rooney's Home!
I'm Rooney and this is my home on the web.
I'm glad you stopped by for a visit.
One of my favorite things to do is make memories.
Maybe you'll take time to share some with me.
Or make a few new ones while you're here.
We all have dreams. They give us hope.
I have a dream home that has been promised to me.
It's a mansion!
In my home there will be no sorrow, no tears, no burdens, no pain.
Only pure joy!
I hope you meet my architect while you're here.
He's still working on me and my home.
He helped to create the memories in my home.
Maybe we'll be neighbors one day.

The "Heart of the Home is Love".

Is He the heart of your home?

Just a reminder.
All in God's time not ours!

A gift from a Sister In Christ

Meet "Lambie"
Thank you Melissa for a very special gift!

Legacy of Love

I'm a legacy of love.....
fearfully and wonderfully made.
A gift that should be treasured each and everyday.

I'm a legacy of love.....
entrusted to your care.
Love, time, and wisdom I need for you to share.

I'm a legacy of love.....
bestowing laughter and tears,
heartaches and joy to those who venture near.

I'm a legacy of love.....
inching into your heart,
'til the day comes that will force us to part.

Yes a legacy of love.....
you have helped to mold,
and within my heart a legacy you wove.

Poem by Rooney Copyright 2004

I wrote this poem for a friend.
She has opened her Educating Nannies website.
Stop by NannyCare for a visit and say hi, Rooney sent me.

You will find new poems here regularly.
To read more of my poems visit Pen-n-Paper-Poesies my poetry site.

Meet Lambkins!

I love lambs! And I like collecting them.
If you would like to learn why click here Easter

This little lamb
Is praying for one of God's little lambs.

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