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      One morning our dog, Patches, was off in the field playing with the neighbors dogs. They were having a high old time. The problem was when dogs get to running together they could cause trouble.

      Leon called her to come home but she didn't come. She was being willfully disobedient. I always thought she was more my dog so I tried. I called her in my sing songy voice and she came running. When she got home I rewarded her with praise, petting and a treat.

Which Master do you obey? It's Satan that says, "Don't go! You're not worthy." God says, "Come as you are and I will train you."
Are you being willfully disobedient? God doesn't keep you on a leash. He has given you freewill
Are you missing out on the reward that's awaiting you? Matt. 5:12... for great is your reward in heaven. Even if you crawl home with your tail between your legs seeking forgiveness, He will forgive you!
Don't be a bad dog! You put yourself in the dog house by ignoring God's call.

      If I had to fetch Patches home she would have been chained and scolded. No rewards would be waiting for her. God will give you every opportunity to come to him. He wants you to stay on the right trail. But he won't come and get you. Don't separate yourself from God with disobedience. Seek the Reward!

Who's holding your leash?

Don't end up in the dog house!

You can't serve two Masters. Matt. 6:24

Come and rest at the Masters feet!
Matt. 11:28...I will give you rest.

Trust and Obey for there's no other way.

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