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Praying Hands

Albrecht Duer, a renowned German Renaissance painter,
is famous for his work,"Praying Hands."
Duer and a friend both wanted to devote their lives to painting.
Both men reportedly were very gifted.
But lack of money theartened their careers.
So, Duer's friend volunteered to take work as a manual laborer to support them.
Duer protested that that was unfair, but his friend insisted.
He reasoned that later, when they could afford it,
he would resume his lessons and his career.
But the heavy work affected the young man's hands,
so much so that he was unable to hold a brush.
He never became a painter, but Duer did.
One of his most lasting and most inspiring works
is of his friends sacrifical hands folded in prayer.

What a friend we have in Jesus.
He sacrificed his all for us.

Often we cannot see the fruits of our work.
And so we think our work has been in vain.
In God's service, somewhere all our acts of love bear fruit,
and some heart receives their blessing and joy.

by Barbara Johnson

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