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One more gift from heaven,
Came to us today.
A tiny little bundle ,
That wasn't thrown away.

Some choose a life of sorrow,
But ours is filled with love.
From a tiny little bundle
Who came from up above.

They don't know what they're missing,
When thinking only of them.
Oh, turn your heart to heaven,
Don't commit this awful sin.

Think for just one moment,
And let the love flow in,
If you find your hearts desire,
This little life won't end.

Why not give a gift to heaven
And keep your child from harm.
For every little bundle,
Comes straight from the Father's arms.

      The day Mya arrived her Mommy and Daddy were overwhelmed with love. They could hardly believe she was here. I reflected on the path that brought her to them. The tears they shed with the miscarriage of their first baby. The fear they had when they decided to try again. The worry and concern for both baby and Mother when problems arose. The prayers that went to heaven were many. She came early but was perfect. Then God gave me one line that turned into a poem:

"One more Gift from Heaven."

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