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I grew up in Kansas with sunflowers every where in late summer and fall. Now we live on a farm in Southern Missouri. And we have to keep the books up to date all the time. Records on farm animals, profits and loss, etc. Some crops on the farm are harvested in the fall. This is my "What's New" page but I wanted to share with you that one day there will be a harvest for all of us. So I hope you enjoy this poem before moving on to "What's New".

The Accounts

Can you list the things that matter? What's important in your life?
Would your list be long or short? Would you include any strife?

Within our minds we keep a ledger of people, places, and things.
The columns begin to multiply with knowledge we have gained.

What would we learn from your accounts? What story would unfold?
Are your records up to date? Are they accurate in what you've told?

Will we see what road you're traveling, and where you're building your home?
Have your choices been wise or foolish in this life that you were loaned?

It's not too late to have an audit, for the truth will set you free.
The books will be balanced, the page is clean, no more erasers will you need.

There is a ledger up in heaven where all names will appear.
Only two columns are needed, they're printed bold and clear

God's bookkeeping is quite simple, and He knows what your life cost.
So will your name be recorded under "Saved or Lost".

June 2002
Inspired by something I read.


hat's    ew

7/12/04 I have updated the Playroom. Added a new poem on the site map page, "Legacy of Love". Also there is a link to NannyCare below the poem. Stop by and see them. I am also asking for prayer for my friend Pam and her family. They have been through a lot this year. Cancer and loss of husband/father. Pam is battling cancer now too.

9/3/03 I've added some new pictures to the Nursery. Come see how much Mya has grown. She has become quite a talker and walker and she's a looker too! Of course we are grandparents and proud ones at that.

9/2/02 This page is new! And so is the poem. I hope you enjoyed it. I decided that my site was getting so big that for those who come by often will be able to find what's new easier this way. I will also post what's new from my other sites here too.

9/2/02 One Woman's Journey was opened today. It is on my poetry site. It is a journal that I hope will express my walk with the Lord. I think you will find it quite restful there. Hope you will stop by and see what gives me peace.

9/2/02 "Just the Right Clothes" A poem I wrote this summer was added to the sitemap page. More of my poetry can be found at Pen~n~Paper Poesies my poetry site. The Lord has inspired these poems and I hope they might touch your heart in a new away and fill your heart with love for the Lord.


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