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Years have come and gone,
Time has slipped away.
Our busy lives left little room
For friendship from childhood days.

We let miles and time, even petty hurts
Keep us from being close.
But the one who made us friends has said,
"Empty your heart of remorse."

So looking back on the memories of old,
Remembering the good and the bad.
The shadows fade and what remains
Is the love we always had.

In my heart there is no doubt
Friends he made us til the end.
For it seems no matter how we part,
With each reunion, our friendship begins again.

So whether it's now or at another time,
When one of us is left behind.
An eternal friendship will be made
On God's great reunion day!

To Brenda
Love, Anna Mae

      This poem came about after several years of us not having much contact with each other. Then I heard Brenda had been diagnosised with stage 2 breast cancer. I knew I didn't want anything to happen to her before we had renewed our friendship. It brought to light how much we should put forth the effort to stay in touch with friends and family. People are more important than busyness. Hope you take time today to tell a friend you love them. I'm happy to report that Brenda is doing fine in her recovery. Thank you Lord.

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