He loves Me
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He loves me!
He loves me not!

O-kay! I know I didn't stay with the pansy theme.
You'll know why when you read on.

Have you ever seen a guy
That you knew right from the start,
Would find a special place
Deep inside your heart?

I saw a special guy
Who did just that to me.
But there was this other girl,
She tried to take him, see.

So this other girl and I
We made a little bet.
We would have a race
To see which girl he'd get.

But I hatched a secret plan,
With the boy across the street.
For he knew my special guy
And his shyness we would beat.

He arranged a double date,
But my shy guy got cold feet.
I thought I lost that bet.
But finally we did meet.

He never knew what hit him
When He met the likes of me.
I had him at the altar,
Before he got on bended knee.

If you want to know my secret
On how to win your guy.
Well, I had the love creator,
He was on my side.

He knew just what I needed
To make my life complete.
He's the best matchmaker,
And he set me up real sweet.

Many years of love and friendship,
I've had right by my side.
So if you want a guy that's special,
Let the Lord be your guide.

Happy Anniversary Leon
Heading for 75!

          My husband and I met through a mutual friend on May 5, 1969. He was 3 hrs. late for our first date. He was so shy. he wasn't sure he wanted to meet me let alone go out with me. Needless to say that first date was short since he didn't pick me up until 10:00p.m.
          He was the first guy I ever met that I felt I could talk to about anything right from the start. I wasn't going to let him get away. So, on June 7, 1969 we were married. We've had our good times and bad. It's been 32 years and I wouldn't change any of them. It's made us the couple we are today.

          Thank you Lord, for giving him to me. You knew just who I would need through the ups and downs of married life and raising children. He's a gift from you to me that will last a lifetime.

          A word about why I used daisies. He's bought me roses and lots of other flowers over the years. But, the day he brought me daisies I cried. He took time out of his busy work day because he was thinking of me (which he does everyday he told me) to pick the wild daisy bouquet just to brighten my day. It's these thoughtful things that has made our marriage last. Guess what my favorite flower is.

I wrote this poem in 2001 for our anniversary.
This year the ladies at FS made us a special anniversary page.

Our Anniversary

Here are a couple of special gifts from friends.

Thank you Melissa
Graphic Adoption

Thank you Barbara
Graphic Adoption

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