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My Goal for 2002

Positive Thinking

Watch your thoughts they become words.
Watch your words they become actions.
Watch your actions they become habits.
Watch your habits they become character.
Watch your character it becomes your destiny.

by Frank Outlaw

There is a constant struggle between the flesh and the spirit.
Mind: what we think.
Will: what we want.
Emotions: what we feel.

These aren't necessarily what God thinks, wants or feels.
I need to learn how to think in a more positive way in all areas of my life.
Then my converstaions can be filled with hope and not hopelessness.
With faith instead of doubt.

What sin prevents me from achieving this?

Critical, judgemental, negative thinking.

How do these sins hinder me?

Weakens my faith, my prayer life and trust in the Lord.
It creates resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness.
How can I possibly believe my prayers will be answered
for myself and others if I think this way.

What changes can I make to combat this sin?

Recognize the problem.
Confess it each time it happens.
Pray constantly for help in this area.
Separate myself from negative talk with others.
Praise the Lord with each step forward.

Positive things I can do to change this habit.

Memorize Bible verses.
Keep a journal of progress.
Read book "Lord Change Me"
Listen to Joyce Meyer tape
"Where the Mind Goes, the Man Follows"
Listen to more Praise and Worship music.
Be careful what I put in my mind (TV, books, radio).
Pray! Pray! Pray!

Let Him have His way! And let's celebrate!

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