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     Ma had been observing Tabby, the kitten, for several days. The kitten had been stalking the pen where Ma kept her chickens. That kitten was trying to figure out how it could have some chicken nuggets.
     Early one morning, Ma Bresler went out to do her chores. First on her list was the hen house. When she opened the door the hens seemed a mite nervous. It was then she spied Tabby high on a ledge. Out Tabby went as fast as the light peeked through the door. That kitten wanted to be back where she belonged.
     Ma said the kitten obviously had darted past her when she locked the chickens up the night before.

Have you ever been like that Kitten?
Have you ever made a bad decision?
Do you seek guidance in everything?
Do you pray about the big and the small?
Do you have a rescuer?

     The kitten was looking for someone to rescue it from the hens. It sought higher ground. If you need to be lifted to higher ground, I know someone for you; JESUS. God has provided us with a way out, John 3:16. Let him be your guiding light in everything you do. Don't be afraid to ask(Matt.7:7-8). Nothing is to big or to small to take to him. He can keep you out of the hen house and where you belong, under his wing.

Have you ever been deceived?
Don't let sin dart into your life when you're not looking.

     The kitten was deceived, the chicken didn't act threatening while the kitten was on the outside. But, when the kitten entered the chickens domain it almost ended the kittens life. Sin can be deceitful; it may appear as a delicacy until we taste it. Then we find it poisoning our Christian life.

"The Rescuer" is always there just seek him and he'll lift you to higher ground.

Graphics by Rooney