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Just click on autograph to visit their home on the web.
If you find a link not working please let me know.

My First Autograph

This is my very first autograph in my new book."
Thanks Toni
Go see Toni's Treasures.

Bonnie's Place 1

I met Bonnie at Faithfully Standing.
You must visit her site and read about her reunion.

She wrote such kind words to me I wanted to share them.
Thank you Bonnie!

Dear Rooney,
I'm thankful God has Blessed me with such a friend as you!
He has given to my life, Blessings I cannot explain,
for I am least deserving, and yet His love remains.
Still He saw fit to send you, when he knew I needed a friend.
He set our paths so they would cross, on a journey with no end.
I am thankful in this life, for Blessings tried and true,
but most of all I am thankful that God sent a friend like you!

Miss Neppie's Southern Home
I met Neppie at a message board.
She's going to be Grandma this year.
What a blessing that is.
You can meet some wonderful people on the internet.

Jenn's Daughter's Site
Jenn is a fellow ChemoAngel.
So you may see feathers flying around.
Lots of love is sent out by these Angels.

I met Marcia at Country Blessin'
She's one of the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet.

Country Home & Living
I met Pam through Lena's message board.
Now I go to her's too.
Her daughter's story touched my heart.
Please take time to read it.

I met Raewyn through Chemo Angels.
She's one of the patients we try to uplift.
When I think of her I think of the 23rd Psalm.
I believe she was an Angel sent to us.
She shows us all what courage is about.
Making the most of life with what you have been given.

Khaver's Blessings
I'm still getting to know Khaver
Her heart is filled with love for our Lord.
I'm thankful for finding someone filled with God's wisdom & knowledge.
She is a mentor to many at Faithfully Standing.

Send me your autograph.

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